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1. NPP Kozloduy:

In the past, Montagi company participated in the preparation of the reactor shafts. The production of the main drain pipe, radioactive waste repositories  (22 tanks), installation of the reactors, welding of main circulation pipeline. In recent years we’ve  performed the production and the installation of closing devices, reconstruction of cable carrying systems in the Turbine Hall 2 and Hall 3 of the Bank Pump Station Workshop.





2. Chaira Pumped-Storage Hydroelectricity Storage:

The company has developed the pipelines with a diameter from 2400 to 4400 mm and thickness from 20 to 40 mm. Student has performed and the installation of pipeline and machine assembly of the facilities.



3. Maritsa Iztok TPP 1,2,3:

Montagi company has designed and installed the three boilers and power plants. As well as most of machinery equipment, hot water pipes and steam pipes.

Building systems for storage and supplying of coal and limestone in Maritsa Iztok 1 TPP. The installation works scope covers construction of two dumping-loaders weighing 661 tones each and a building for rough grinding - 684 tones building for fine grinding 198 tones, a station for wagon unloading  -  460 tones, transfer towers and belt conveyors. Contracting authority: Sandvik Bulgaria SpLtd.


4. Port Burgas:

In 2005 Montagi company  completed successfully the installation works on the site Port  Burgas - extension of Terminal 2, package 2. This is the largest terminal for handling of bulk cargoes on the Balkan peninsula, and according to the nature of construction works – installation of 5 600 tonnes of structures, some of which are 62 m high, categorized as a major project. The unique port equipment and loads handling facilities were performed and completed meeting all the investors' and the main contractor’s requirements on this large international site. We performed the installation works:

1. Tow ship unloaders.
2. Conveyor belts, consisting of 14 belt conveyor and 7 towers for cargo redirection.
3. Two counterweights loaders.
4. One loader/loading equipment and a counterweight loader.
5. Wagon loader station.
6. Command hall for processing of loads with a control room and transfer platforms.
7. Two substations, powering and a control cabling to all machines and to the control station.


5. Sofia Metro lines:

In 2012 Montagi company successfully completed its contract with Metropoliten EAD on construction of II underground diameter, section Underground station Obelia (km 0+048) – Lomsko Shose Blvd – Road Node Nadezhda (km 4+139) with 4 underground stations. Within the process of construction works, the following electrical and mechanical works were executed. Power supply, internal electric installations and lighting, deliveries and installation works on TPS and PS, electro automation, equipment excretory cells, CpH HV installations and air conditioning, water supply and sewerage installations and water supply pipelines.

In 2014 the manufacture, delivery and assembly of steel structure for MC 22 was completed on the site of the Project for the extension of Sofia underground: II stage – I diameter; section: Tsarigradsko shoes Blvd. (US 19) - Druzhba complex - Sofia airport (US 23). Also, we've installed a metal construction for underground overhead section 2 from km 5 + 558.82 to 6+108.06 km.


6. Kremikovtsi Metallurgical Plant

Montagi company has completed the construction and installation activities on the construction of the main enterprises of the plant as a blast furnace, TPPt, air separation workshop, a reinforced concrete constructions plant, etc.




7. Stomana Industry:

In 2008 Montagi company successfully completed the construction of a new rolling mill and a furnace in Stomana Industry – Pernik with a total weight of equipment 5900 tones. The work included machine installation, installation of pipelines, electrical, instrumentation and technical support at commissioning. Contracting authority: Uniplan Montage, Austria.




8. Toplofikatsia Pernik

Under the concluded agreement with Toplofikatsia Pernik EAD in 2014 , a repair and reconstruction works were performed of electrostatic precipitators No 3 and No 4 in Republika TPP in the town of Pernik.

The essence of the works included the following activities:

  • Equipment disassembly and systems sedimentation  and coronating electrodes;
  • Repair of the entrances of the EE, the systems of jolting sedimentation and coronating electrodes  of ash installation of gas-distributive grids, of the ventilation openings of bearing isolators, and of the confusers;
  • Installation of diffusers and confuser, the gas reflector, the vertical gas reflector full height hopper baffles in the bunkers, sedimentation and coronating electrodes.


9. The National Palace of Culture

We have taken part in the construction of the NPC with production and installation of significant part of building metal structure.





10. Neftochim Burgas:

Student has performed a major part of construction of the petrochemical plant in Burgos, we also took part in the production divisions, facilities for oil refining, production of benzene, production of propylene, ethylene production, tanks for ammonia, paraffin production, divinyl production, acrylonitrile and facility for styrofoam.



11. Arena Armeec

In 2010 we performed installation of part of the roof steel construction of a sports arena Armeec, located in Sofia.        





12. Lufthansa Technik Sofia:

In 2017, the Montagi company has successfully implemented a project for the installations of three dock systems for airplane repair for the needs of the newly opened a repair hangar in Sofia. Each one of the systems consisted of individual structures for the maintenance of the tail, wings and nose plane parts, as well as cargo and pack ladders.През 2017г., Монтажи ЕАД успешно реализира проект за монтаж на три докови системи за ремонт на самолети за нуждите на новооткрития ремонтен хангар в гр.София. Всяка една от системите се състоеше от отделни конструкции за обслужване съответно на опашната, крилната и носова част на самолета, както и карго и пакс стълби.