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Researches on energy quality

Montagi company performs researches, analysis and design, related to energy quality of the electrical systems of buildings, enterprises, etc.

Equipment that contains electronic elements is more sensitive to electromagnetic disturbances, which occur in electrical systems, appliances and equipment than in non-electronic modules (common loads). These interferences could have different influence and different effect:

  • Interrupted equipment operation
  • Errors in data transfer
  • Interruption of electrical power
  • Software or memory losses
  • Equipment technical fault

It is very difficult to be specified if the technical fault of the equipment or software error is caused by interference in the powering electrical system, because these signs are often identical to the symptoms caused by other reasons. This is the reason for performing research and analysis of the electrical system for specifying the causes. The research is the most important tool in determining interference sources. We offer the following services:

  1. Technical inspection and installed systems diagnostic;
  2. Registration of electrical parameters: voltage, current, frequency, power, energy, disturbances and pulsations, harmonics, harmonics and other intermediate;
  3. Registering of events such as decreasing and increasing, transitive processes, interruptions and sudden changes in voltage;
  4. Evaluation and determination of the regulation implementation;
  5. Problem solution in sensitive electrical loads;
  6. Revision of protective current (circuit breakers, automatic fuses);
  7. Detection and elimination of problems in the electrical network:
    • Harmonics;
    • Resonance;
    • Feroresonances;
    • Capacity or power loss of the transformers that supply electronic and sensitive equipment;
    • Lighting flickering;
    • Currents in earthing conductors;
    • Switching computers;
    • Computer screen flickering;
    • Transformers, engines, and fuses overheating;
    • Inappropriate wiring and design of electrical networks, data and information networks;
    • Dysfunctional operation of the automatic fuses;
    • Electrical and electronic equipment failures;
    • Electrical and electromagnetic interference in electric and electronic systems;
    • Overheating of the zero conductor;
    • Overheating of the cable terminals, etc.

After completion of the technical survey and registration of electrical parameters for achieving the most effective, reliable and economical solutions, we use professional software for modelling, simulation and analysis of electrical networks.