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  • Establishment of Sub-division "Montagi" in the structure of "Energostroi" company


  • Establishment of "Centmontage" for the purpose of carrying out construction and assembly works on all sites of the Ministry of Electrification


  • Establishment of "Promenergomontage"
  • "Promenergomontage" takeover "Centmontage"


  • Merger between "Prommontage" and "Promenergomontage" in "Montagi" company
  • Complete works on the construction of HPP "Peshtera"


  • Completed construction of "Neftohim Bourgas"
  • Completed construction of TPP "Kremikovtzi"
  • Commissioning of TPP "Maritza East" 1
  • Start of the first unite of TPP "Maritza East" 2
  • Completed construction of metal working company "Kremikovtzi"
  • Construction of  cement plant "Zlatna Panega"


  • Completed works on I and II unit of NPP "Kozlodui"
  • Completed works on machine building plant "Tezkomashinostroene" in Radomir
  • Commissioning of TPP "Maritza East" 3
  • Commissioning of HPP 'Sestrimo' and HPP "Belmeken"
  • Construction of Petrochemical plant in Pleven


  • Completed works on III, IV and V unit of NPP "Kozlodui"
  • "KZU" and "Gasstroimontage" are seperated from the structure of "Montagi"
  • Construction of Dichloroethane plant in Devnia


  • Completed works on VI unit of NPP "Kozlodui"
  • Completed works on Chaira Pupmed Storage Hydro Power Plant
  • Completed works on Installation for bulk load on port "Bourgas"


  • Completed works on the construction wokrs for multifunctional sports hall "Arena Armeec"
  • Construction of new industrial ventilation system
  • Construction of new roller mill and furnace at "Stomana Indrustry" in Pernik
  • Manufacturing and erection of steel structure for the construction of installation for dewatering of the gypsum of I-st to VI-th unit at TPP "Maritza East " 2


  • Manufacture and delivery of steel posts for the electricity network of "Energo-Pro Networks" AD
  • Erection of biomass boiler for "Vinprom Peshtera"
  • Delivery and erection of steam boiler of wooden chips at "Vinprom Peshtera"
  • Took part at the execution of the "Second metrodiameter" in Sofia
  • Manufacturing the steel structure of 22-nd metrostation "Sofiiska Sveta Gora" on the II-nd stage of "First metrodiameter", including  the construction of the Metroestakada II
  • Full rehabilitation and reconstruction of electric filters №3 и №4 in TPP "Republica"
  • Erection of three docking systems for repair works of passenger planes at "Lufthansa Technic"